• The New Year, a Time of Resilience and Revival: January on WORLD

    With a new year comes new resolutions and a new, or maybe refreshed, perspective. To start off 2023, WORLD presents films throughout January that focus on renewal and the ways in which we can lean on and uplift our communities in order to work toward collective goals. This month, Stories from the Stage returns and America ReFramed films follow communities fighting for their place against big corporations and inequitable systems. Watch along with us as we discover our first steps in 2023, and what is in store for the rest of the year as we keep you informed, entertained and enlightened.

  • Best of 2022 WORLD Channel Documentaries & Milestones

    For WORLD Channel, 2022 was full of firsts – anniversaries, discoveries and award recognition. From documentaries that captured humanity’s struggles and successes to conversations that connected us to the people living the stories being shared, our films, features and storytelling over the past 12 months have created change within communities and opened eyes and hearts around the globe. We hope to continue work like this for years to come; we’ve never been more proud to call our channel a home for diversity, acceptance and empathy. Take a glance at our most unforgettable moments of 2022 as we prepare for more captivating films and storytelling in 2023!

  • Best Documentaries to Watch on WORLD This December & New Year

    As 2022 comes to a close, what accomplishments, perspectives and aspirations do we carry with us into the new year? This December, WORLD Channel encourages the opportunity to pause and reflect on the state of the world and the hope we have for 2023 while holding steadfast to the faith and beliefs that keep us moving forward. During the month, revel in the closeness of family, friends and community over the holiday season with stories that remind us of what is most important to us.

  • Food, Family & Identity: Filmmaker Melanie Ho on Connecting with Her Vietnamese Heritage

    'my mom (mẹ con),' a short film by Melanie Ho, is now streaming on YouTube as part of The Sauce Fellowship. Read an interview with the filmmaker about how she came to understand her Vietnamese identity and relationship with her mother.

  • The Case of ICWA, Native Adoption & Tribal Sovereignty

    On Nov. 9, the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that directly challenged the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978. This month, during Native American Heritage Month, watch films that tell of the long-standing effects of U.S. policy and non-Native adoption, and what healing and cultural reconciliation mean to these communities.

  • Eben Bein on Working With Young Climate Activists & the Stories Worth Telling to Make Change

    How does the idea of progress become reality? By sharing stories that encourage action, we can find avenues toward change together. On a new Stories from the Stage, Eben Bein, the Massachusetts Field and Education Manager for youth-funded nonprofit Our Climate, takes the stage to share how he made a necessary career shift 'In the Name of Justice.' WORLD Channel spoke with Bein about his journey to climate justice and the role of storytelling in fighting climate change around the world.

  • Finding 'The Fourth World': The Growing Hmong Community in North Carolina

    In filmmaker Nash Consing's The Fourth World, a young Hmong musician reflects on the meaning of home as he travels between college and his North Carolina hometown. This Filipino American History Month, we talked to Consing, a Filipino American living in Brooklyn, NY who was also raised in North Carolina, about the film, his childhood, inspiration for the film and what he hopes audiences take away from it.

  • The Power of One for All: Midterm Elections & Native American Heritage Month on WORLD

    At times, it may be difficult to believe, but one person can change the world. In November, WORLD features new documentaries showcasing the tremendous work individuals do to contribute to the greater good, reaffirming how real change begins at home. From Native American Heritage Month to the 2022 midterm elections, watch films that explore how small developments can have big impact around the world.

  • "La Manplesa" Filmmaker Ellie Walton on the Legacy of Washington, D.C.'s Mount Pleasant

    In director Ellie Walton’s La Manplesa: An Uprising Remembered, the Salvadoran community of Mount Pleasant (“La Manplesa”) in Washington, D.C. reflects on the uprising of May 1991, when residents took to the streets after a young man, Daniel Gomez, was shot by a police officer. Walton, who was born and raised in Mount Pleasant and remains in the D.C. area, spoke to WORLD Channel about her story of strength and artistry through reflection against the backdrop of a lively neighborhood.

  • Local Stories with National Influence: What to Watch on WORLD in October

    In October, WORLD presents a slate local stories with national influence, exploring how institutions across the United States have a fundamental impact on every person – stories that have the ability to change unethical systems and encourage reform across the country. Watch to reflect on how, when communities come together to right a wrong, change is put into motion.