God Can't Give You Double Eyelids

When Sarah Tang was growing up in Waco, Texas, life revolved around the church. Now, the filmmaker is reflecting on her childhood - questioning the faith's influence and its impact on her identity as a person both Asian and American.


The Area

THE AREA is the odyssey of a South Side Chicago neighborhood, where hundreds of Black American families are being expelled from their homes by a multi-billion-dollar freight company. The documentary film follows homeowner-turned-activist Deborah Payne, who vows to be "the last house standing," as she and her neighbors fight the displacement that looms ahead.


No Straight Lines

When Alison Bechdel received a coveted MacArthur Award for her best-selling graphic memoir Fun Home, it heralded the acceptance of LGBTQ+ comics in American culture. From DIY underground comix scene to mainstream acceptance, meet five smart and funny queer comics artists whose uncensored commentary left no topic untouched and explored art as a tool for social change.



New year, new stories! This month on WORLD Channel, watch three brand new episodes of Stories from the Stage – plus, catch returning films exploring economic inequality, like The Area and The Place That Makes Us, on America ReFramed.

And on Jan. 16, the U.S. honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Explore our collection to watch films that reflect Dr. King’s influence and lasting message.

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The New Year, a Time of Resilience and Revival: January on WORLD

With a new year comes new resolutions and a new, or maybe refreshed, perspective. To start off 2023, WORLD presents films throughout January that focus on renewal and the ways in which we can lean on and uplift our communities in order to work toward collective goals. Watch along with us as we discover our first steps in 2023, and what is in store for the rest of the year as we keep you informed, entertained and enlightened.

Human Rights

In an effort to bridge gaps of inequality, explore films and features documenting stories of human rights, from modern slavery to personal freedoms.

Your Vote: America 2022

Your vote counts every year. Change begins within every city and town across the nation and radiates upward. WORLD Channel explores theses issues – healthcare, economy, race, immigration, housing, climate change and more – told through the lens of politics and policy and the narrative of the American people.

The Sauce: 5 Films of Asian American Diversity in the American South

How have Asian American communities left their mark on American culture? Presented by the Center for Asian American Media and NOVAC, The Sauce Fellowship is a new series of five short films by emerging Asian American filmmakers exploring the ways in which Asian American history, traditions and values have blended with and contributed to the diversity of the American South.

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