Five Years North

In FIVE YEARS NORTH, Luis is an undocumented Guatemalan boy who arrives alone in New York City with little support and many responsibilities; Judy is a Cuban American and Puerto Rican veteran ICE agent who must weigh the human cost of her work against the future her family would face without her paycheck.

Facing the Dragon

As American forces and foreign aid leave Afghanistan, the country's fragile democracy and the recent gains for women hang in the balance. Trapped in the uncertainty are Nilofar and Shakila, who are forced to choose between motherhood and their devotion to reform.

October Films to Watch: Diversity Awareness Month

As social and political tensions flare up around the world, now more than ever it is critical to explore and embrace humanity’s differences. Each of the films offered on WORLD this month highlight our individual differences, reminding us of the very vulnerable, yet rewarding, human experience.

Hispanic Heritage Month: Latinx Films to Watch

This Hispanic Heritage Month, WORLD Channel puts the spotlight on issues of inequity while celebrating the triumphs and joys of the Latinx community across borders through our collection of films.

Decolonizing Mental Health

Dismantle the racism that underscores the mental healthcare industry. By focusing its gaze on the transformative work of therapists and individuals of color, this digital series calls for a redressal of the ways in which we define psychiatric illness and health.

"The Good Road" Seeks Out 'Philanthropology' Around the World

Earl Bridges and Craig Martin – longtime philanthropists and best friends – trek around the world to meet people who are making a difference in their communities. Watch season two, where the hosts explore places close to home and abroad to discover inspiring change-makers and the limitless power of good.

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