• WORLD Highlights Global Independent Films in New Season of Doc World

    WORLD has announced a new season of its Doc World series, featuring compelling documentaries that explore global issues. Highlights include Surf Nation, the story of how China’s National Surf Team geared up quickly with the help of international coaches, and La Lucha, the story of Bolivian activists with disabilities on a quest to demand rights from their government.

  • The Olympic Games, Democracy & Disability Pride: July on WORLD

    Summer is a season to take a break from our daily lives so that we can slow things down, spend more time with family and friends, and travel around the world. This July, Doc World shares international stories from China, Bolivia and beyond, and Independence Day turns our attention to domestic matters. Plus, reflect on equity during BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month. Find balance this month with WORLD films that celebrate our freedoms and explore change that has yet to be realized.

  • Mental Health & Incarceration: Filmmakers on Repairing the Broken Criminal Justice System

    In April, WORLD premiered four documentaries to launch Liberated Lives, a collection bringing to the forefront unheard stories of people who have experienced incarceration firsthand or through a family member or friend. Within the four films (A Woman on the Outside, Commuted, What These Walls Won't Hold and Hundreds of Thousands), mental health emerges as a theme; this common thread shows how devastating the carceral system is on the mental health and well-being of everyone impacted by incarceration. Five of the makers share how their films add to the mental health conversation.

  • Immigrant Heritage, Pride & Juneteenth: This June on WORLD

    This month on WORLD, we spotlight new films and streaming stories that demonstrate the collective power of immigrants in America, people living with pride and uplifting others, and the enduring quest for racial, social and financial equity across our nation, including a new America ReFramed premiere and Pride Month double feature.

  • AANHPI Heritage Month: Stories Spanning the Diaspora on WORLD

    Every May, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is a time to elevate voices of the diaspora to the forefront, encouraging the growth of AANHPI representation in the media and everyday life. This month, films premiering on WORLD explore the Asian American experience in two New York City boroughs on In Search of Bengali Harlem and Chinatown Auxiliary. Plus, watch Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander celebrating surf, sport and fashion.

  • Resisting Environmental Racism: 'Freedom Hill' Filmmaker Resita Cox on Climate Change in Black Communities

    Many vulnerable areas around the world face the threat of losing land and homes to floods, fires and other disasters. “Freedom Hill” filmmaker Resita Cox focused her new documentary on why certain communities have been dealt a more detrimental hand than most others. Cox spoke with WORLD about what led her to Freedom Hill and how the film can serve as a starting point for communities and governments to understand and address environmental racism.

  • What to Watch on WORLD This Earth Day 🌎

    This Earth Day, WORLD presents new and streaming films that explore how everyday Americans, from organizers in small, rural towns to those with policy-changing influence at the highest level, are addressing the warming Earth. Join us in watching, sharing and mobilizing around the universal themes within each of these eye-opening documentaries.

  • Jabir Pope Shares His Story of Incarceration, Liberation and Turning Freedom Into Purpose

    In 1984, Jabir Pope was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Thirty-eight years later, at 71 years old, the Boston native returned home and now spends his days trying to make up for lost time with his daughter and grandson. Pope recently joined Stories from the Stage to share his story of redemption, strength and love, but before taking the stage, Pope sat down for an interview to talk about his life during and after his incarceration.

  • The Filmmakers of 'Commuted' on Supporting Returning Citizens & Criminal Justice Reform

    Directed by Nailah Jefferson and produced by Darcy McKinnon, “Commuted” tenderly explores the story of Danielle Metz and the innumerable challenges faced by not only individuals re-entering society after decades of incarceration, but their family members as well. In this exclusive interview, read first-hand about Metz’s return home after her triple-life sentence was commuted, how the film represents America’s unjust criminal justice system, and what the filmmakers hope audiences learn from this story.

  • AfroPoP, Liberated Lives & Our Climate-Changing World: What to Watch in April

    This month, WORLD features a new season of AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange, more new films about returning citizens for Liberated Lives, and an Earth Day double feature exploring controlled cultural burning in California and flooding in North Carolina. Uniting themes of justice, redemption and forward progress, WORLD mirrors the spring season with films representing hope and renewal.