• The Power of One for All: Midterm Elections & Native American Heritage Month on WORLD

    At times, it may be difficult to believe, but one person can change the world. In November, WORLD features new documentaries showcasing the tremendous work individuals do to contribute to the greater good, reaffirming how real change begins at home. From Native American Heritage Month to the 2022 midterm elections, watch films that explore how small developments can have big impact around the world.

  • "La Manplesa" Filmmaker Ellie Walton on the Legacy of Washington, D.C.'s Mount Pleasant

    In director Ellie Walton’s La Manplesa: An Uprising Remembered, the Salvadoran community of Mount Pleasant (“La Manplesa”) in Washington, D.C. reflects on the uprising of May 1991, when residents took to the streets after a young man, Daniel Gomez, was shot by a police officer. Walton, who was born and raised in Mount Pleasant and remains in the D.C. area, spoke to WORLD Channel about her story of strength and artistry through reflection against the backdrop of a lively neighborhood.

  • Local Stories with National Influence: What to Watch on WORLD in October

    In October, WORLD presents a slate local stories with national influence, exploring how institutions across the United States have a fundamental impact on every person – stories that have the ability to change unethical systems and encourage reform across the country. Watch to reflect on how, when communities come together to right a wrong, change is put into motion.

  • Luciana Naldi on Finding Empowerment Through Alopecia in Basketball and Storytelling

    In the season six premiere of Stories from the Stage, stories by three women of distinct walks of life – Luciana Naldi, Su Joun and Robin Schoenthaler – demonstrate how the most powerful sense of empowerment comes from within. Naldi, a California native and mother of two sets of twins, takes the stage in Changemakers to share her experience with hair loss following an alopecia diagnosis. She spoke to WORLD and Stories from the Stage about what she wants her story to convey to audiences, the kind of example she hopes to set for her children and students, and how sports and storytelling can strengthen a person’s sense of self.

  • 'Sushi Nachos' Kicks off The Sauce Documentary Series Exploring Life in the South for Asian Americans

    In The Sauce series' 'Sushi Nachos,' filmmaker Kei Matsumoto explores how she and her sister's lived experiences have taken shape by growing up with a Mexican mother and Japanese father. In an interview, Matsumoto shares how her family's identity has been shaped by their lives in Texas. Watch Sushi Nachos now on YouTube.

  • The Sauce: 5 Films of Asian American Diversity in the American South

    How have Asian American communities left their mark on American culture? Presented by the Center for Asian American Media and NOVAC, The Sauce Fellowship is a new series of five short films by emerging Asian American filmmakers exploring the ways in which Asian American history, traditions and values have blended with and contributed to the diversity of the American South.

  • Hispanic Heritage Month & Beyond: Celebrating Latinx Diversity & Community Strength

    This September, WORLD Channel will feature robust stories for Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month showcasing diverse people, cultures and circumstances and acknowledging all identities that enrich the Hispanic and Latinx communities. Also this month, we honor the many lost but never forgotten on September 11, 2001 and explore inequities in the mental healthcare industry and the authentic conversations about race in America. Watch along with us and reflect on how, through our similarities and despite our differences, we can all come together and celebrate what makes us proud to share a home.

  • Russia's War on Ukraine: Documentaries to Watch

    Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy have been embroiled in a military and political offensive, the results of which have rippled around the globe. But the conflict between Russia and Ukraine extends far beyond their shared border. As war carries on in eastern Europe, American journalism aims to make sense of human rights violations and political strife across the world. Stream films that shed light on the motivations behind's Putin's operations and Zelenskyy's response.

  • Stories from the Stage: The Podcast – True Stories to Take on the Go

    Hosted by Liz Cheng and Patricia Alvarado Núñez, Stories from the Stage: The Podcast presents the stories and storytellers, at once inspiring and relatable, in a whole new way for fans of the show and new listeners alike. Listen to our collection of short, true stories that take you inside the mind and heart of people from all walks of life with new episodes on Mondays.

  • Community Connections: What to Watch on WORLD in August

    Through storytelling, we can all find common ground. New this month, Stories from the Stage: The Podcast offers fresh episodes of inspiring stories about finding your one and only, feeling out of place and more, and more films showcase the diversity of our world and how connection and empathy move us forward. Watch, listen and learn from films and stories that work to make a difference and find the commonalities we all share.