March Films & Features: What to Watch on WORLD


“People need to become more involved in their community. See something, say something,” said Deborah Payne, subject and co-producer of The Area. “Be fair and fight with all of your heart.”

This month WORLD Channel presents films exploring race and politics, women's empowerment, the struggles of working-class rural America, and the identity of home - a sense of belonging and community.

Watch stories of women breaking through the glass ceiling and leading, a country grappling with race and a world working to recover from an ongoing pandemic. In Lordstown, Ohio, witness a community at a crossroads: families must choose between staying and losing their only means of employment or moving away from the only home they know. Only miles away in Youngstown, a new generation of activists envision what their town could be after the steel mill industry shuts down. And a year after COVID-19 seized the nation, we re-visit three doctors who bravely fought the unknown to care for the people who needed them the most.


She Persisted
Stories from the Stage | March 1 on TV, Online, YouTube & the PBS app

Through the whispers of doubt, nevertheless, they persisted. Three women, three stories, three interpretations of SHE PERSISTED.

Busy Inside
America ReFramed | March 16 on TV, Online &
the PBS app

A respected therapist specializing in the treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), and her patients, confront past trauma and embrace their different personalities.

Bring It Home
America ReFramed | March 23 on TV, Online &
the PBS app

The story of five families at a crossroads after the sudden closure of a GM auto plant in Lordstown, Ohio. Should they accept a transfer to an out-of-state GM plant, or stay and hope the plant reopens?

The Place That Makes Us
America ReFramed | March 30 on TV, Online
& the PBS app

Set in Youngstown, Ohio years after the closure of its steel mills, follow a new generation of young leaders and community activists working to revitalize their hometown.



Little Miss Westie
America ReFramed | Starting March 2 Online &
the PBS app

A loving and insightful portrait of two transgender siblings and their parents. As the children begin living in their authentic genders, the family navigates puberty, school and the Lil’ Miss Westie Pageant.

Blood Memory
America ReFramed | Starting March 9 Online &
the PBS app

The story of America’s Indian Adoption Era is one of destroying families and tribes. Sandy White Hawk sets out to reclaim the missing pieces of her stolen past only to discover that her’s was not an isolated case.

Local, USA | Watch Online & the PBS app

On January 20th, 2020, the first COVID-19 case was diagnosed in the U.S. With video diaries, follow three brave doctors working to save lives during the first wave, encapsulating the historic times in which we live.

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