Stories from the Stage: The Summer Podcast


Summer camp; indulgent food; first jobs. Memories made in the summertime are often our sharpest, the sunshine, family antics and vacations bringing us right back to those moments. Everyone has a story, and Stories from the Stage: The Podcast, an offshoot of WORLD Channel’s original series Stories from the Stage, offers ordinary people the chance to tell their vulnerable, poignant and always extraordinary stories. 

This summer, hear from storytellers from all different backgrounds, each with a moment to share. With the same great stories from the flagship series in your earbuds, allow the profound storytelling of Stories from the Stage: The Podcast to accompany you on all your adventures during the long days and nights of summer.

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What does it mean to stand up for what you believe in? Andy Vargas takes his political activism door-to-door; Katie Liesener discovers how compassion can cross the language barrier; and Yvette Modestin battles exclusion by creatively redefining her Blackness.

The late John Lewis took pride in creating "good trouble" and standing up against unfairness. Maulian Dana fights to ban "Indian" mascots in Maine schools; Ronald Smith stands up for his integrated marriage; and Dr. Wanda Castro-Borrero's boss pushes back against patients who don't want to see her because of her name.

There's nothing worse than the moment when we lose something precious. And there's nothing more satisfying than finding something that we thought was lost. James Griffin tries to connect with his brother, who was killed in the Vietnam War.

Growing up Black in America means forging cultural bonds, struggling for visibility and, all too often, receiving unearned judgment. In this Webby Award-winning Stories from the Stage special, Valerie Tutson teaches her students about Africa's greatest explorer, and Angie Chatman learns about how far we have come and how far we have to go in a chance encounter she will never forget.

Growing up is funny, messy and wonderful. Comedic storyteller Susanne Schmidt shares two of her favorite childhood adventures: an "extreme camping" trip with her family and her Janis Joplin lookalike nanny, who inspired her long into adulthood.

A missed connection doesn't necessarily mean loss; it could be a chance for redemption. While dating after having a mastectomy, Musu-Kulla Massaquoi finds a friend who likes her just the way she is.

You can't win if you don't play, and playing can make all the difference. Nora Meiners fills in the blanks as the missing pieces person at a jigsaw puzzle company; Olympian ski jumper Nick Fairall tells how one leap changed his life forever; and on his first hunting trip, John Stewart fears disappointing his dad, an avid hunter.

Day by day, meal by meal, food becomes a part of who we are; these storytellers share their best memories of food. Javed Rezayee tests his meager cooking skills against those of his father, a talented professional chef; Jo Radner's mother astonishes her family by baking a pie for dinner; and Juan Pedrosa conjures a memorable meal despite a multitude of challenges.

Summertime is officially upon us. As the days stretch longer and the sun shines brighter and hotter, anything seems possible. Khalilah Jones goes to camp for the first time and learns more than just campfire songs; Sarah Sutton discovers the trials and tribulations of working with her spouse; and Matthew Sandel gets more than he bargained for out of his first summer job.

Jump in the car and hit the open road with these storytellers, who all have engrossing tales to share of luck, misfortune and happenstance while on the road. Melissa Ferrick tells us about the night she opened for Bob Dylan; Suzanne Ketchum Adams drives home with a feisty ram; and Akshobh Giridharadas discovers hospitality and humanity in the wilderness.

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